About Commandaria

The wine with the oldest tradition throughout the world. As old as the people and their civilisation...

Which, in the historic annals, it constituted one of the three main sources of wealth of the Island (wine, copper, timber) with which Cyprus succeeded to attain a high standard of wealth and culture apparent from the many Temples and Places...

For many centuries, pilgrims from all the Greek world flocked to Cyprus to the Shrine of Aphrodite to take part in the festivals and worship of the Goddess of the Island...The very sweet Cyprus wine was one of their special offerings and most valuable presents at the Altar of the Temple.

Many references to "Sweet Cypriot Nama" - the name of Commandaria before the Crusaders, - are found in the writings of famous Greek writers and the philosophers.


It was named by the Knights of the Order of St.John who bought the Island from King Richard of England (1192 A.D) and gave the name of their Headquarters (Grand Commanderie) to the superior wine produced in that area (Vin de la Commanderie). Ever since the wine has been associated with the area, ...a strong support to the argument that "Commandaria" is the wine with the oldest tradition, as much as the method of production as the Appellation of Origin is concerned.